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Best Places to Shop Christmas Gifts in Liverpool: 2021!

Getting ahead on your Christmas shopping this year? Or trying at least... We've compiled a list of all the best places to get those gifts for your loved ones sorted while you enjoy your Winter getaway in Liverpool!

©Maria De Correggio


I think we can all agree that the men in our lives can often be the most difficult to buy for, but Menkind always seems to have the perfect gift. From personalised experiences such as driving supercars, to Whiskey barrels and beer dispensers!


Another place that has all the things you never knew you needed - making the perfect gift to surprise a loved one with! The Mowgli cookbook is a great Christmas gift, some gorgeous earrings made here in Liverpool, or if you're after something truly unique, they even have Russian Dolls in the shape of icons like Freddie Mercury and Frida Kahlo!


There's nothing better than supporting local, and with Merseymade stocking so many wonderful local artists and businesses all under one roof, this is your one-stop-shop for unique and heartfelt gift-giving! There are so many stunning prints and gifts to be found at Merseymade.


A new addition to Liverpool ONE, there's nowhere better to get gifts for the little ones in your life than Hamleys - they have it all! Hamleys will give you that real Christmas feel, surrounded by the toys reminiscent of our childhood with the extravagant red and gold colours to get you excited!

A Slower Space

Another gem unique to Liverpool, located on the iconic Penny Lane, you can find so many gorgeous gifts for your loved ones on your visit to the world-famous road. There are locally made candles, locally blended coffee and stunning homeware... what better gift to give to your loved one than making a house a home!

As usual... you're always welcome to stay with us!

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