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5 Reasons Why we are the Property Management Company for You

We are proud to be currently one of the best short-term property rental companies in Liverpool that share properties on sites such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and

We currently work with over 50 properties in Liverpool and have also recently expanded into Manchester. We have a wide base of clients from various walks of life who all became involved in this industry for different reasons. We provide continuous support for our clients on their journey into and during short-term rentals.

We understand how difficult it can be to source the right kinds of guests, manage them during their stay and keep on top of maintenance. This is where we come in! Whether you are finding it hard to generate bookings or struggle to be on hand to help guests, we can take on this stressful role for you and turn it around.

We have generated 5 reasons why you should use us at Host So Simple for an easier life in the property world of short-term lets.

We are locals with an extremely high level of knowledge of the city

We offer a personal service when you work with us. There are only 5 people in our team, and you’ll get to know us all rather well! This way you won’t speak to different people every time you have a question or want to get in contact. We make sure we fully understand your property so that we can provide the best experience for the guests and for yourself.

Short-term property rentals are a competitive market, and the number of properties becoming available every week is only rising. We completely understand that and we are constantly working to get our properties in the light of as many potential guests as possible.

The likelihood that you have used a hotel at least once in the past 6 months is probably extremely high. Hotels do so well because of the ever-growing need for extremely short stays.

However, along with hotels the public, are also in demand for more of a personal visit to a city or town. A home away from home is becoming more and more popular with tourists and business travelers.

It’s not just us saying this… Airbnb themselves stated that 85% of guests wanted to ‘‘live like locals’’.

We couldn’t agree more with this statement, and we definitely implement our knowledge onto our guests for any needs they want. If you’re a home owner, or wanting to buy a property for short term rentals and are struggling to give your guests the ‘live like locals’ experience we can start that process for you.

One way in which we do this is a guidebook for every guest from local bars, restaurants, to hidden gems and locations tourists are not aware of.

We have been working in short term rental management for the past few years and have quickly gained an extensive knowledge of the type of properties that do the best, and what features guests love.

We can provide multiple services:

You might be asking the question, why should I join into the short-term rental market? There are various reasons why owning a short-term rental is beneficial, but we will focus on the best two. Firstly, the increased income can be double sometimes triple what a long-term rental would bring in – so if you have £££ on your mind this may be the route for you. The second reason which a lot of our clients absolutely love, is being able to stay in your own property. It’s your holiday home and doesn’t belong to anyone else! You’re not walking in after a 6-month tenancy hoping your pride and joy has been looked after. We are constantly cleaning and maintaining your property for even you to enjoy whenever you please.

There is so much more to short term lets, from the turn around to the maintenance - but we have you covered from start to finish.

It’s all well and good if you already have a property and just need us to take it from there. What about sourcing that property in the city. There are hundreds of properties for sale but which would do best in the short-term rental market? This industry may be a completely new market as a property investor and you cannot buy any type of property and expect it to do well on the short term let basis. We are dealing with tourists, business travellers and general ‘holiday-ers’ meaning the location, size and character are just a few of the main aspects to look out for. We strongly believe we are the best equipped in the city to spot a property which is suitable for short-term lets. A short-term rental property is not a home and therefore there are different features to look out for to ensure its success!

Interior Design and Photography:

The interior of an apartment can be one of the reasons that could make or break how well a property does. Something that looks cosy, stylish and spacious is always going to do better than an apartment that looks tired and standard. An interior design, which catches the eye and makes potential guests want to stay there will always stand out.

We have years of experience within this field and have researched thoroughly which layouts and aesthetics appeal to guests wanting to book a short term stay.

This is a process we take on, and let you sit back. We design, source, order and create with your input if you wish. We LISTEN to our guests - both with what they like and also what they’re not so keen on – to make sure that we are constantly improving our offering.

Check out our properties here: Host So Simple – We have been through our own interior design journey since Host So Simple began and like to keep things minimalistic, modern and fresh.

We will keep you updated along the way and will also agree a style with you from the off-set, this is your place and we want to make sure the design makes you just as excited as us!

One Stop Shop:

We offer a hands-off service and take care of all aspects involved, from sourcing the property initially, to the guests checking in and having a wonderful stay at your apartment.

We help provide Airbnb insurance, marketing, prices, professional photography, designing, ordering and handling all guests from the enquiry to their check out. We even handle the maintenance and cleaning for every guest.

You can sit back and relax, we will look after your property like it’s our very own.

To get the best out of your property, and look after its up keep after each guest can be really difficult and we completely understand that. To tick all of the boxes we have mentioned above, and do them in a way to maximize income is something most people don’t have time for. Becoming indispensable to your Airbnb income by letting us take care of everything will enable you to focus on other projects, family life and anything else, which may be important to you.

We are in it for the long run, not for the sale:

When you are out sourcing for a short-term rental property is usually works by viewing the property with an estate agent and the property could be a palace or a shanty, either way they get a commission so their main priority is that you are persuaded to buy it. They get a sale, you get a property and everyone wins… right? Wrong. They have no vested interest or expertise in this industry so aren’t fully equipped to give you the best advice.

We are in it for the long haul, as we know we will be a part of this process from start to finish and every decision will be bearing this in mind. We won’t be sourcing the most expensive property we can find so we get a nice cut, instead we will be working out the best yield for the client and whether the properties we are viewing will return enough to make this the better route than a traditional let.

Because we only earn when you earn, all of our interests are in you and your property. We want to create an incredible new apartment that can target a large short-term rental audience and bring new benefits for both you and us. | 0151 953 0011 | Twitter: @HostSoSimple | Instagram: @HostSoSimple

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