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Luggage Storage in Central Liverpool

You may (or may not) know that we now offer an added service in addition to our stylish apartments and you can store your luggage with us. Our offices are located close to both Liverpool Central Station and Lime Street Station and are fast becoming a central hub catering for the ever growing needs of Liverpool’s visitors.

Here at Host So Simple, we want all of our visitors’ check-in and check-outs to be as smooth and as stress-free as possible and that was the beginning of Store and Explore. We have also recently expanded this service so that we can offer to hold luggage for all city visitors and help make your day less stressful; there is nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag when exploring a city, or shopping for hours on end.

This facility costs just £5 per day for each bag - one of the cheapest prices you’ll find!

Are you looking for a place to conveniently and safely store your baggage whilst you explore Liverpool? Where you can charge your phone, print your boarding pass, collect your post or pick up your keys? But most of all, a place where you can encounter a warm welcome from locals who are eager to share their tips, ‘secrets’ and places to be in Liverpool. Visit us at Store & Explore for our left luggage and more - you can find it all!

We are here to help.

Recently we have collaborated with the worldwide company Bagbnb and are delighted by our first review:

*include image

Our customers mean a lot to us, and we hope we can provide you with the best care we possibly can while you are out exploring and enjoying yourself in this vibrant city.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help. Come drop off your luggage and go have fun!

Contact details:

Current opening times:

Monday - Friday from 09.00h – 17:00h

Stay tuned for weekend hours coming soon!

Phone Number:

0151 923 8288



Store & Explore,

9-11 Fleet Street,


L1 4AR

*please note that gold, silver, passports and any bag over the £1,000 price mark will not be insured.

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