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TOP 4: Spots for Panoramic Views in Liverpool:

Panoramic views are always a sight everyone wants to see, whether you’re in the city or in the countryside. Liverpool is home to some beautiful urban panoramic views that go on for miles.

This blog post is designed for all of you who have views on your priority list, and for all of you who didn’t realise it was now on your priority list…

St Johns Beacon:

St Johns Beacon is located at St Johns Shopping centre and towers into the sky for 452 ft.

St Johns Beacon was built in 1969 and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II, it’s now used as a Radio City Tower as a radio and observation tower in the heart of Liverpool.

The views go on for miles; it offers unrivalled views of Merseyside, the Wirral, North Wales and as far away as Blackpool!

You can purchase your own ticket via this website St Johns Beacon Tickets to visit the 360° views from the tower.

Freij Wheels:

The capital has the London Eye, and Liverpool has its’ very own Freij Wheels. The waterfronts ferris wheel is 60 metres high with panoramic views of the city. Being so close to the river Mersey, and all the waterfront docks it’s not surprising that the views from the top of the wheel are so beautiful.

Visit their website for ticket information: Freij Wheels

Liverpool Cathedral – The Tower Experience:

Liverpool’s Cathedral is Britain’s biggest Cathedral and the 5th largest in Europe.

The tower is 500ft above sea level and has a beautiful inland panoramic view that’s a must see! Located on St James Mount on the edge of the Georgian quarters of the city you’re sure to see some beautiful architecture that Liverpool has to offer.

You can enter the Anglian Cathedral at no cost, however to visit the tower and the audio tour requires a payment.

Panoramic 34:

If the idea of sitting down for a fine dining meal, or simply enjoying what cocktails have to offer with panoramic views of the city then Panoramic 34 sounds ideal for you.

“fine dining or cocktails in our bar and enjoy the magnificent Liverpool skyline as seen from one of the UK's highest restaurants.” – Panoramic 34

Panoramic 34 is based, just north of the Liver building and has views of the city and the waterfront docks. Visit their website for their menu and reservation policy: Panoramic 34

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