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Should You Buy Travel Insurance, Or Not?

Travel Insurance is one of the most important things you need to get for any trip away. When buy a new car, you insurance it to protect you from a long list of things, you wouldn’t have a home without home insurance for the same reason. So, why would you travel without travel insurance?

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a term that is used to describe a list of different types of insurance you can get. It’s important to understand what travel insurance is out there, and also, it’s importance to a trip you might be going on whether you’re going to be staying in the same country that you live in, or going abroad.

It’s important that you understand what a travel insurance policy includes, as different companies provide different things. There is Travel Health Insurance, Medical Evacuation Insurance, Trip Cancelation Insurance and Baggage/Property Insurance.

Why travel insurance?

An important question everyone has when they’ve got to pay for something, is why? Why should I pay money for this, I’ll be fine? Why would I pay that when I could save a few pounds of each day of my trip to spend on gifts?

Well, it will provide you coverage in situations that you wouldn’t expect to happen. No one can read into the future and be able to predict when their bag gets stolen, or snow that means you can’t get too the apartment or hotel room you’ve had booked for so long!

The purpose is emergency coverage on situations you wouldn’t want to happen from cancelled flights, or loosing your bag when out exploring on your trip away. Travel Insurance can be the single most important thing you could get for your trip away (and, of course, hope to never use)

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