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Why a responsible managing agent is so important for short term lets...

It might be strange to see a management agency promoting the value of the number of bookings they chose not to bring in during the 12 months - but that's exactly what we want to do. The image below highlights that we have declined over £24200 worth of bookings in the last year - and we are proud of it.

Renting out your home to complete strangers, understandably brings some huge risks. Here at Host So Simple we are incredibly proud of our near perfect damages record and we firmly believe this is not down to luck.

Utilising the tools which Airbnb offer to us as hosts, allows us to properly vet our guests and ensure they are the type of people you would trust to stay in your home. We're not afraid to say that we would probably decline more requests than our clients may do if they were in our position, as we are well aware that the longevity of an Airbnb listing is much more important than a one-time risk. The performance of our properties is still way above industry average and we are confident that the demand of the market and the power of our marketing will keep our number of incidents extremely low.

If you are choosing to list your property on Airbnb through a management company - make sure to ask how they vet their guests. What questions do they ask? What is their criteria? How many properties do they manage? Here at Host So Simple, we are proud of our transparency and look after our clients properties as though they are our own.

Host So Simple, hassle free Airbnb property management in Liverpool.

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