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Liverpool amongst Airbnb's list of top must-see destinations

After already being voted ‘the kindest city in the UK’, it would seem there’s no stopping

Liverpool… it has just been revealed that Airbnb has had a massive increase in visitors

wanting to come to Merseyside! It appears we are now top of the ‘must-see destinations’ list for travellers – some coming from as far as Australia just to see our beautiful city (and we certainly don’t blame them!).

James McClure’s, the Airbnb General Manager for the UK &

Ireland has said “Liverpool is taking to Airbnb like a duck to the Mersey!”

This increase in visitors has now also sparked an increase in the number of hosts in

Liverpool! More and more Liverpudlians are opening their doors for visitors, but not for the reason you might think. James adds: “Interestingly, our Liverpool hosts are quicker to state that one of the biggest benefits they experience is the people they meet and the friends that they make.” Surprised? We're not!

We realise that not everybody has the time or capability to manage an Airbnb listing in Liverpool and that sometimes, you may need a little helping hand.

Host So Simple are proud to be the leading Airbnb property management company in Liverpool and would welcome anybody who is thinking about trying Airbnb to get in touch today at . Liverpool is bursting with potential, and we want to make sure your property is achieving the income it deserves.

The original article is definitely worth a read and you can find it here:

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